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Established in 2010, LINFLOR has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality products for the LCD display panels and modules. Our products ranged from TN, HTN, STN, FSTN,VA with various type of assembly like COB, COG, TCP and custom made modules as specified by the customer. We serve a wide range of industries including telecommunication,meters and instrument,transport vehicle,shutter product,domestic electrical appliance,medical&health equipment,stationery device & entertainment facility.We provide a one-stop solutions in providing hardware design and software development.

LINFLOR has the capability of manufacturing low power consumption, wide viewing angle and extended temperature range of LCD modules. Our facilities and machineries are from Taiwan and Japan . We have an efficient procurement, production and quality control processes, which ensures a quick delivery of high-quality products and competitive price.LINFLOR has become a leading display manufacturer in the small and medium sized display sector.


We also have the ability to industrial control board circuit engineering design and manufacturing of electronic products. We can carry out and develop the PCB control board supporting the display module, and the integrated design can make the product have better adaptability. Our experienced electronics engineers can provide customers with better customized solutions for electronic products.

LINFLOR not only has high quality products, but also has a complete customer service system. According to customer demand, we can provide OEM and ODM two different production service modes. We will give timely feedback on all matters in the cooperation process. For all the design and manufacturing problems of products, we will be seriously responsible for and solve. Customer oriented is our consistent insistence.
LINFLOR ensures that every process goes through rigorous manufacturing process, every product goes through strict quality testing, and every service is treated sincerely. We are designers, manufacturers, but also your reliable partner.


Corporate Vision

Global LCD display module software and hardware solution expert.


Corporate Values

Green input, low carbon output, future-oriented, sustainable development.


Corporate Culture

Realize innovation with technology.


Corporate Attitude

Making touching with heart, creating brand with credit.


Enterprise Spirit

Pursuing exactness, truth and carefulness.


As a professional manufacturer and exporter of LCD panels and LCD modules, we have a sound and standard production process system, and the production capacity to match it. Through a comprehensive production management system, we are able to continue to support our global customers with qualified and reliable products.

Business Type :     manufacturer / exporter
Factory Area:     7500㎡
Engineers:     20 persons
Employees:     300 persons

Producing Capacity
LCD Module capacity:     300,000pcs/month
LCD Panel capacity:     1000,000pcs/month
LED Backlight capacity:     500,000pcs/month

Minimum Order: Regarding standard products, qty is not important, but in order to save the freight, it is better that weight of one shipment should be up to 45kgs. Minimum order for customer-made modules should be according to the facts.



We have ripe production process and skillful technicians, also own powerful technical support and quality proof system. We make high quality LCD products to meet the various demands of users.
We test all the modules one by one after assemblage, then choose some pieces to test again. With the strict test system, our percentage of defects is less than 0.5%. Faulty goods will be replaced, and we will send report to customer.

—Total quality management

— Statistical quality control

— Standard procedures for corrective action

— Supplier qualification testing

— Design review

— Calibration testing

— Qualification testing
— Accelerated life testing

— Temperature testing

— Humidity testing

— Transportation testing

— Customer feedback procedures

— Internal quality audits

— Operator and staff training programs

Content quality assurance documents


Our RoHS QC system is audited by Aov testing once every half a year.


Our ISO9001 QC system is audited by our inner auditing group once every half a year.


Our internal quality standards

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