Graphic LCD Module

  • Graphic LCD Module–12864/COB/STN Blue Negative

    Graphic LCD Module–12864/COB/STN Blue Negative

    • ▶  1. 128*64 dots matrix graphic
    • ▶  2. Drvier: NT7108C  8bitMPU
    • ▶  3. 6800 type interfaces
    • ▶  4. Driver Method: 1/64duty,1/9bias,VDD5.0VVLCD8.7V
    • ▶  5. Display Type: STN-blue/Negative/Transmissive/6:00VisualAngle
    • ▶  6. Operating Temp: -20°C~70°C/Storage Temp: -30°C~80°C
    • ▶  7. Backlight Type: Edge/White/Vled5.0V/30mA
    • ▶  8. Built-in controller (AiP31108U)
    • ▶  9. Display Mode & Backlight Variations
    • ▶  10. ROHS Compliant
  • Standard model graphic LCD display module product catalog

    Standard model graphic LCD display module product catalog

    LINFLOR is a professional Character and Graphic LCD manufacturer.  LINFLOR’s graphic LCD displays (liquid crystal display) are available in dot matrix format of graphic resolution including 128×32, 128×64, 128×128, 160×100, 192×140,240×128 and etc. LINFLOR Graphic LCD modules are including different options of polarizer in reflective, transmissive or transflective types. Our LED backlights are available in various colors including yellow/green, white, blue, red, amber and RGB.   We have an extensive range of LCD graphic displays with various backlight and LCD type combinations. LINFLOR’s graphic LCD can be used on instrument and industry machinery equipment as well as electrical home appliances, consumer electronics including white goods, POS system, home applications, industrial instrument, automation, audio/visual display systems, and medical devices.   If there are no find the alternative product list you suitable product size or product demand, we also support to provide customized product development, including custom of screen size and engineering design of circuit boards, etc., you only need to fill out our customized product information collection interface corresponding data, we can design for you to let you satisfied with the products. Or you can also communicate with our sales staff, put forward your ideas or questions, we will do our best to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

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