In-depth Analysis and Investment Outlook of Micro Display Industry Report (2022-2029)

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Micro display refers to the display size less than 1 inch, is an important branch of the display device, involving LCD, LcoS, OLED and other technologies. At present, OLED technology has a broader application prospect.

From the perspective of market segment, LcoS micro display is the mainstream product of the market, accounting for about 30%. Although OLED micro display has not yet formed a large market scale, its growth rate is the highest.And, different from the traditional PMOLED and AMOLED display technology, OLED technology applied in the field of micro display is an OLED display made of monocrystalline silicon as a driving backplane, the traditional external display chip integrated in the silicon based backplane, pixel size is 1 / 10 of the traditional display device, precision is much higher than the traditional device, which is also known as silicon based OLED.Therefore, with the future development of the market, OLED micro display is expected to replace LcoS micro display as the mainstream product in the market.The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The OLED micro-display market is growing fast, and the Asia-Pacific region has laid a good foundation for technology and consumption

According to the data, from 2020 to 2025, the OLED micro display market grew the fastest, with a compound annual growth rate of 61.2%. It is expected to achieve a market size of $1.639 billion in 2025, and surpass LCD and LCoS to become the most widely used technology type of micro display.


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In the asia-pacific region, some countries to accelerate large-scale urbanization and industrialization, related enterprises and institutions of research and development activities drive OLED micro display industry technology innovation, population base continues to increase to further promote consumer demand, make the asia-pacific region continues to lead the development direction of OLED micro display, is expected in 2025 the asia-pacific region OLED micro display market size will reach $768.6 million.


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2. The application of near-eye display devices drives the development of OLED micro-display

Near-eye display device (NTE) includes electronic viewfinder and headset display. The integration of OLED micro display with the device best reflects its small size, light weight, low power consumption and high resolution.According to the data, the market size for OLED microdisplays for near-eye display devices will reach $1.394 billion by 2025.


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Currently, micro displays have more demand in camera and camera viewfinder applications than in HMD, and HMD is one of the main drivers of the future market size growth of micro displays, and is also the most rapidly growing area.

HMD can magnify the images on the micro-display through the optical system for visual imaging, and then present large-screen images in the eyes of the viewer, realizing different effects such as VR and AR, and VR and AR technologies are widely used in near-eye display devices.


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At the same time, compared with traditional EVF, EVF using silicon-based OLED display technology has high contrast, wide gamut and high speed response performance, and OLED micro display is small volume, low power consumption, help to reduce the size of HMD, can not only develop compact, lightweight devices, but also can ensure a long use time.

On the whole, with the continuous maturity of near-eye display equipment technology and the wide range of downstream applications, it will effectively drive the demand of OLED micro-display industry.

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