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linflor High-quality product solutions Description of comparative conditions

1. Comparing the videos and photos of all products, both sides are in the same environment:

  •   Temperature: 25°C
  •   Humidity: 60%
  •   Comparison module model: 1602 character module /STN
  •   Product module input voltage: 5Vlcd / 5Vled

2. When comparing the quality and details, the photos were taken under the color temperature light of 5500K (normal color temperature value for daily life) and airtight conditions, and there was no pollution from other light source conditions.


A | Appearance comparison

1 . Display color contrast

The screen color of our products is pure and bright, and the color recognition is relatively high. The screen color of other products is either too dark or too light.

linflor High-quality product solutions

2 . Color Uniformity Contrast

Under the lighting conditions, the liquid crystal glass of our product has no rainbow phenomenon, and the color display is uniform, indicating that the thickness of the glass layer of the liquid crystal screen is uniform, and it is not a polarizing film with a wide viewing angle attached to the TN glass to pretend to be STN glass.

linflor High-quality product solutions linflor High-quality product solutions

3 . Glass Surface contrast

Under lighting conditions, our product screen has no obvious glass printed circuit lines, and the screen display effect is good. If there are obvious glass printed circuit lines, it will affect the display effect and visual experience to a certain extent.

linflor High-quality product solutionslinflor High-quality product solutions

4 . Circuit Design Comparison

  •     a | Our products have added a grounding circuit design, which can make the product have better rigidity interference ability.
  •     b | Our products have reserved detection points in the circuit design, this design can make us more convenient to detect the circuit problems of the pcb board.

linflor High-quality product solutions

B | Display effect comparison  

1 . Response speed comparison at room temperature

Our product page switches are fast, overly natural, and character – free. The response speed is fast and the screen switching effect is good.

linflor High-quality product solutions

  2 . Response speed comparison at low temperature

Our products have normal response speed and screen switching under -10°C environment, without delay lag and other undesirable phenomena.

3 . Backlight effect–side backlight effect comparison

Our product backlight display is uniform, no obvious light spot, light source transition is soft and natural

linflor High-quality product solutionslinflor High-quality product solutions

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