Segment LCD Module

  • Segment LCD module-VA/Negative-1491P

    Segment LCD module-VA/Negative-1491P

    • ▶ 1.  Driving: Duty:1/4,Bias:1/3,VLCD:3.3V
    • ▶ 2.  Viewing Direction: 6 O’clock
    • ▶ 3. Display mode: VA/Negative/Transmissive
    • ▶ 4. Operating temp: -20℃~+70℃5).  Storage temp: -30℃~+80℃
    • ▶ 5. Backlight: White/VLED=V3.0/30mA
    • ▶ 6. All the raw materials are RoHS compliant


  • Segment LCD display module of standard model

    Segment LCD display module of standard model

    LINFLOR provides the custom development of segment LCD screen
    Segment LCD, also called pen-segment LCD and segment code LCD, is widely used in industry.
    · Segcode LCD screen is easy to install, reliable and stable;
    · Segment code LCD has the characteristics of low power consumption
    · Low requirements for master control, simple operation and quick response
    · High contrast, even in the sun can also be clear display of LCD screen content
    · Long service life, general segmental LCD can work for 5-10 years,
    · Cost control: segment code LCD is cheap and can be widely used.

    We support to provide customers with customized development products, including screen size customization and circuit board engineering design, you just need to fill in the customized product information collection interface, we can design and develop products for you to make you satisfied. You can also communicate with our sales staff, put forward your ideas or questions, we will do our best to provide you with the most satisfactory service.

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