TN Panel

  • TN  display panel in standard and custom size

    TN display panel in standard and custom size

    TN( Twisted Nematic)which the orientation of liquid crystal molecules is 90°. Avilable for low driving voltage,low current consumptiion and low cost,but viewing angle &multi-plex dirving is limited. In addition, because the photoelectric response curve of TN liquid crystal is relatively flat, the display contrast is low. Popular used in watch, calculator, clock, meter, instruments.
    In terms of the displayed response speed, TN panel can easily improve the response speed due to the small number of output gray classes and the fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules. In general, most LCD monitors with response speed below 8ms use TN panels. In addition,TN is a soft screen. If you tap the screen with your finger, you will have a phenomenon similar to water lines. Therefore, the LCD with TN panel needs more careful protection when using, to avoid pens or other sharp objects contact the screen, so as not to cause damage.

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